CleanseBot Smart Cleaner

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Introducing The CleanseBot Smart Cleaner. The 4 in 1, Brush, Vacuum, Mop, and UV sanitizer.

  • ♡SUPERPOWER SUCTION: The CleanseBot Smart Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner with 3200Pa of intense suction that can pick up any specks of dirt, which ensures an effortless thorough clean while you do other things, or nothing at all.
  • ♡WIDER CLEANING AREA: Equipped with extra-long hexagon edge brush, The CleanseBot Smart Cleaner extends its cleaning range.
  • ♡SMART SENSOR: Comes with a smart sensor that allows the CleanseBot Smart Cleaner to freely evade obstacles and intelligently navigate the under and around objects and furniture to ensure it thoroughly cleans your floors.
  • ♡ONE-BUTTON OPERATION: One key design allows you convenient and fast operation. Just press the button on the CleanseBot Smart Cleaner for it to begin thorough cleaning. Then when it has finished and you are satisfied with your lovely clean floors just press the button to end the task.